Dermatonics Dry Skin Balm

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Dermatonics Dry Skin Balm has been designed for the treatment of rough, dry and anhydrotic skin, which means skin that has a reduced ability to perspire, as well as skin which is particularly prone to cracking.
It contains 10% urea, which is a natural moisturise. Available in 200ml tubes.

2 reviews for Dermatonics Dry Skin Balm

  1. Susan, Galway

    I use Dermatonics dry skin balm on my daughter’s skin every night. She has excema and it is the only thing that keeps it at bay. It is soft and silky and provides a super barrier for her skin. I’ve started using it on my own hands now also as I work in a hospital and they are so dry with all the hand sanitiser use. It really helps to moisturise them without being greasy.

  2. John

    Super Product, Amazed with the results.

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