Mycosan Athlete’s Foot Treatment


Product Information:
Mycosan Athlete’s Foot treatment has a double angled brush to give a hygienic targeted application. This helps prevent spreading of the fungi causing athlete’s foot from spreading to other parts of the body. The small angle is perfect for reaching between the toes. Helps treat symptoms such as itching, burning, cracking, redness and bad odour.

Instant itch relief
Kills 99.9% of fungi causing athletes foot
Precision brush give sprecision and targeted treatment
Suitable from 4 years of age
Suitable for diabetics

How to use:
Apply twice daily to the affected area until healing is complete.

Active Ingredients:
Traiectin, PEG-6, alcohol denat, glyceryl, undecylenate, aqua,dimethyl isosorbide, rye ferment filtrate, menthgol, methyl lactate, hydroxypropylcellulose, clinbazole, cetylpyridinium chloride


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