Homework? Give your kid a break…


Back to school can be a difficult transition for many families and adding to that challenge is the return to homework.

So how can parents and children tackle homework successfully, without arguments, meltdowns and tears?

Here we share 5 tips on how you can make the homework routine less, ‘work’.

These are 5 simple techniques that will bring peace of mind and comfort into your daily life.


1) Give your child a break after school                                                                                                                

When children come home from school just let them have some time to relax in their own home, or allow them to play outside with their friends before settling into their homework.

Patti Ghezzi, an educational journalist and founder of the blog ‘Get Schooled‘ advises parents that ”not all kids can focus on homework right after finishing a long day at school”



2) Clear out the clutter

Make room at the kitchen table or a desk, for the basic homework essentials, pencils, copies, eraser.

A tidy workspace will help your child to be more efficient.

Make sure the designated homework area is a space that is well lit.




3) Keep distractions to a minimum.

Turn off the TV, turn down the radio and put the phones on silent until the task is complete.


4) Establish a homework time 

Decide on a time of the day or evening that best suits your routine.

The later the time the more tired and frustrated your child will become. Children should get into the habit of doing homework at the same time every day, and when this happens you will have developed a homework routine, and we all know that routines offer a wonderful to way to promote health and wellness through structure and organization.

Having a routine will greatly improve your health.


5) Give your child descriptive praise

Descriptive praise is where you tell your child exactly what it is that you like.

For example: ”you worked so hard on that maths homework, well done, I knew you could do it, you’re terrific”